Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Remote Assistance Computer Service

Now Offering Remote Assistance!

We can connect to your computer from the office and take a look at the problems you are having. We offer remote assistance at a significantly lower price than taking your computer to be serviced onsite. 
Note: You must have a live Broadband internet connection.

What is Remote Assistance?

Remote Assistance is a tool that allows a  Computer Technician to connect to a computer in real-time while on the phone or video and or voice. With the caller’s permission, this connection allows the Technician to view and/or control the caller’s computer in order to solve problems and demonstrate solutions.

What Is the Purpose of Remote Assistance?

To resolve many problems more immediately, often at the time of the first call by:
  • Allowing a Computer Technician an immediate, direct look at a problem.
  • Enabling a caller to reproduce/demonstrate a problem to the Technician.
  • Permitting the Technician to demonstrate a task while explaining it.
  • Allowing the Technician to achieve real-time solutions.

How does it work?

Remote Assistance is offered over the phone, voice, chat or email (initially) while a subscriber is sitting at his or her INTERNET-ENABLED computer. The caller is directed to a website to make payment using PayPal. Once payment has been entered, the caller receives a Simple and small customer module, runs immediately without installation and does not require administrative rights - optimized for instant support. Remote Assistance is never performed without the express permission of the caller.  An Id Number and Password must them be given to the Technician to start the connection.  Either the customer or the Computer Technician can end the session at any time. 
Once the screen is shared, the Computer Technician can see the entire screen. He or she can use the connection to see what is occurring and, if allowed, manipulate the mouse and keyboard to troubleshoot or resolve the problem. The caller can see everything that is happening on his or her computer. 
There is also a full install version for ongoing and or continued support. 

What Kinds of Things Can Remote Assistance Be Used to Do?

  • Most virus/spyware/malware infections can be eradicated.
  • Resolve a known or suspected problem that is expected to be quickly addressed.
  • Perform common software installs.
  • Demonstrate a procedure (how-to, teach, train).
  • Perform advanced troubleshooting or information gathering.

PRICE: To Be Determined 

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